Operation of Field.Business Practice Articulation Curriculum

Articulation System Chart of Field.Business Practice

Operation of placement, internship, employment and foundation articulation curriculum due to education training system.

Unification of theory practice through articulated joint lectures and special lectures of industrial-educational and external specialists.

The Present Condition and Plans of Operation of the Curriculum Using External Specialists etc.

Present condition

Students’ participation through education work of cyber investigators in developing countries – KOICA

Support of student participation study program – KDI, Kangwon Research Department of Development

Forensic Investigation Competitive Exhibition – Institute of Criminalistics of Changwon Pyo

Participation of a Hacking competition – School of Global Studies

Participation in International Digital Forensics & Cyber Crime Conference – School of Global Studies

Provision of human resource in KSP/ODA and Support of articulated global volunteering – KOICA, KDI

Expansion of internship opportunities in the information security industry field – Softnet, Somansa

Internship in the international trade field – Kwangwon Trade


Plans for Propelling

Reinforcements of internships in the Financial field – KDI, KITA, Bank of Korea

Participation in the development work of CSO/CISO training program – Information and Communications institution

Participation in the modeling business of FBI cybercrime education program – FBI

Cultivation of business practice through specialized institutions in the informatics field – Naver, Daum, Microsoft

Establishment of Cyber graduate school with foreign universities – Dublin University

Participation in forensic investigation related education programs at a season session of the Korea National Police University and Military Investigation Institution – Korea National Police University, Military Investigation Institution

Propelling the vitalization of foreign field internships – KOTRA office in the field

Management and Expectation Effects

Composition/Operation of linked internships and special lectures about field and business practice.

Aiming for centered education of outside field, business practice specialist used projects.

Strengthening ability of the education goals of an enterprise organization and the right people.

Expectation of improvement in employment rate due to reinforcements of industry connectivity.

The expansion of employment and the diversity of jobs with cultivating humanistic fusion ability of diverse cultural technologies.

The Development of portfolios needed for employment and foundations.


The Use of Industrial Specialists

Hong Bum-Sik – Bain and Company / Representative of the Asian Pacific / Information Protection Policy / Special Lectures and Placements

Lee Chang-Ha – GMD System / Head of Research Center / System / Special Lectures and Lectures

Kim Hyuk-Jun – Naru Security / President(CEO) / Information Security / Special Lectures and Lectures

Nikolai Akachev – LG Electronics / Senior Researcher / Information Protection / Special Lectures and Lectures

Mohowe Jeffka – F-Secure Cyber Security Services / Consultant / Cyber Privacy Information / Special Lectures and Lectures

Cho Chang-Rae – Microsoft / Director / Private Information Protection / Special Lectures and Lectures

Lee Seok-Woo – Central Joins.com / Co-representative / The Press / Special Lectures and Lectures

Han Chong-Ho – Center for Creative Economy and Innovation / Manager of Center / Use of Big Data / Foundation / Special Lectures and Lectures

Kim Young-Hoon – Cloud Industry Institute / Vice-president / Information Protection / Security Policy / Special Lectures and Lectures

Kim Han-Su – National Forensic Service / Scholar / Digital Analysis / Special Lectures and Lectures