Student Training and Support

School of Global Studies + University + Regional Condition + Business Practice = Professionalism + Methodical Development + Information and Communications – Cultivation of talented students to lead the Information Society

School of Global Studies

Synergy of the fusion of Law / Engineering / Economics

Systematic and continuous propelling of characterization plans.

Professional professors with business experience.

Introduction of major matching support programs.

Links with diverse foreign educational institutions.


Reinforcement of core competencies.

Commercialization of fundamental studies.

Major matching through running nonsubject courses.

Vitalization of distributive programs.

Reinforcement of future-oriented practical education.


Regional Condition

Correspondence of regional industry demand.

Assistance to business starters program from Kangwon Creative Economy Innovation Center.

Cooperation with regional data and IT companies.

Location of provincial government building.

Systematic Connection Possibility of Kangwon Local Police Agency and investigation academies.

Business Practice

Diverse industrial-educational networks.

Increase in demand of characterized human strength training.

Opportunity offers of internships in internet, IT security companies.

Coop education of police and investigation agencies.