Student Testimonials

Experience of life

I was really honored to be there as a student of SGS. I traveled around Europe when I stayed there. I met a lot of people from different cultures and it made me to have a flexible mind. School life was absolutely important as well but I hope people who apply for SGS experience this amazing program and different cultures. I am sure that my experience in the University of Leicester can contribute well to my career from now on. Lastly I am really grateful to SGS for giving me this opportunity.
University of Leicester (UK), Seonhee Min

SAP in the unique and charming country Taiwan

A good point of Chengchi University was that I had the chance to interact with friends from diverse countries, not only with Taiwanese friends. There were about more than four-hundred exchange students, so even though I was in Taiwan, I felt like I was studying in a European country. In addition, I am very satisfied about my improved English communication skills, as well as my first goal, Chinese. Even if it was only one year, I was fascinated by the charm of Taiwan, and just thought I want to live there. The SAP was a good experience full of precious memories for me. I hope many of you can find improvement in yourself through new experiences with the SAP like me.
National Chengchi University (Taiwan), Yunsun Kim

Priceless days in South Louisiana

Actually, before I decided to do the SAP, I had been worried about the effectiveness of this program, so it took about 2 years to make up my mind to participate in the SAP. So, I asked my seniors and friends who’ve already experienced SAP for advice, and finally, I decided to go to Nicholls. Nicholls State University (NSU) is located in Thibodaux, Louisiana. The staff in NSU knows what international students are concerned about and how to deal with them, and the local students are ready to welcome us. A year just went fast, but I experienced many priceless things with precious friends who I met in NSU. I think it was the best time of my life. Maybe there will be some students who are worried about the SAP whether they will go or not. I can strongly say that it will be the most valuable time in your life. I hope you will experience it, and get an opportunity to improve yourself through SAP.
Nicholls State University (USA), Harry Lee

A year in Barcelona, the city of enthusiasm

There are three things that I am most satisfied with from my study abroad in Barcelona. First is the high quality of classes. Second is the location of school and the vacation period. It was a big advantage to travel around. There are many types of low cost airlines so that I could travel with a lower budget to other countries. All the students from my school didn’t have classes on Friday, so some people traveled during the weekend. The third thing is the advantage to learn a 3rd language. At first in Barcelona I wasn’t able to speak in Spanish. However after my 1 year stay in the city I can have some conversations in Spanish. I strongly believe the SAP helps you out to experience new things that you never had before, and I think it doesn’t have to be Barcelona. I hope you can find the university that you want to spend your study abroad and come back full of new experiences and perspectives.
Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain), Heesun Lee