SAP: Study Abroad Program + International Study

Students from the School of Global Studies at Hallym University are provided with The ‘Study Abroad Program’. The experience of studying abroad through SAP is not just ‘studying’, but it will help you learn the culture and language of the field you want to study. Gaining world-class skills and knowledge is a great opportunity for students to prepare for the global business environment.

All Korean students enrolled in international faculties are given short-term training opportunities by scholarship support, after completing their first year. Currently, we have an agreement with Australian UTS (University of Technology, Sydney) Law School or York University in the UK, and we have 3 weeks of pre-service programs to help students choose to study in Australia or UK.

After completing the second year, you can take part in the “International Exchange Program (SAP)” of the Faculty of International Studies or the student exchange program at Hallym University. Participation in the SAP program requires a minimum score of 3.5, a TOEFL score of 90 or IELTS 6.5 or higher, and an average score of 5.5 or higher in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. In order to participate in the exchange student program, students must obtain a TOEFL score of 80 or higher and pass the English interview conducted at Hallym University. Students who meet the respective qualifications will study at a foreign university that has exchanges with Hallym University for one or two semesters. Overseas exchange programs including short-term programs and foreign exchange programs must be completed as graduation requirements.

Students participating in the SAP Program or the Exchange Student Program will pay tuition fees to Hallym University for the duration of their participation. Tuition and fees for foreign universities are funded by the school. Students are responsible for all other expenses necessary for the student’s life. Every step of the overseas exchange program and overseas study program will be guided to the students through the professors who are in charge of the program.

Students will be able to continue their study abroad experience by participating in various international activities that Hallym University offers even after they return home. The international exchange program offered by the School of Global Studies has been a major turning point in the career decision and goals of the students and we are developing various programs in the future. By completing the Hallym University’s International Exchange Program, I believe that students will have a good opportunity to learn the world, gain a new perspective on their major, and acquire skills to help them get jobs overseas.