Legal Informatics and Forensic Science

“To enhance information security in public and private, domestically and internationally.”

The LIFS major is designed to educate professionals in its related fields in ICT society, well prepared with executive ability and language skills. Being affiliated with many domestic and international institutions (government, public, and private), the LIFS major enhances curriculum with good practice, long term internship programs, and SAP at globally eminent universities. The major covers information security, cyber-crimes, criminal psychology, and digital forensic science at various levels. CIS LIFS graduates will make an influential contribution to the building blocks of information security, in this ever growing ICT society.


Vision: Train creative talent for global information security to lead local development
Goals: Education for global information security experts and build platforms for entry into society
Concept of talent: Personal information security experts for hyper-connected society
Core competencies: Analysis of information for information security – application ability, High level ‘like native speaker’ for global language ability
Strategy: Train practical experts through fusion education, Provide whole-person education

Prospects and Future Careers

Recently, social awareness of cyber security problems due to leakage of personal information has rapidly increased, and social demand for experts in the forensic field, especially Digital Forensic, is increasing rapidly. In the case of legal informatics and forensic science, you will have the opportunity to become a professional in various fields such as government agencies, security companies, corporate audits, and law firms through professional education on information security based on English.