Introduction of Global Business major

Highly qualified international trade professionals with intellect and expertise will impart their knowledge, giving you a world class education. The Global Business curriculum balances theory and practice.

Our purpose is to cultivate talented professionals, who are qualified to work in this increasingly globalized world.

By the time you graduate Hallym University’s School of Global Studies, you will have both the knowledge and experience in the field of ‘Global Business’ to become leaders and use your knowledge and skills, not only domestically, but internationally too.

Prospects and Future Careers

Students majoring in Global Business who pursue high-level international trade expertise and diverse disciplines, end up with very diverse jobs and careers after graduation. They can enter into international trade-related companies, foreign companies, international trade-related policy institutions, international financial institutions, public institutions and general companies that need a deep understanding of international trade, also parts of studies and education (national research center, enterprise institute, universities, international organizations, etc.), and economic experts in the media society.