Cultural Industry (Chinese speakers) Major

Today, the interest and importance of the cultural industry is increasing worldwide. The Culture Industry Major in Hallym University is specialized in business administration which is included in the field of ‘culture’ and learns about the planning and operation of various cultural contents such as entertainment, performances, conventions, exhibitions, festivals, events and tourism.In addition to business management approach to culture, we provide differentiated education for various leisure and service sectors during the semester. For example, we offer practical exercises for unique areas such as horse riding, golf, skiing, barista, and wine. Foreign students or students with double major can apply for this major.

Education objectives

We aim to cultivate cultural product planning experts.

Prospects and Careers

Through learning about product planning ability in cultural services, the prospect of employment in fields requiring creativity is expected.


Employing in service company related with cultural industry

– Performance & Event planning company, Hotel, Tourism company and culture business company


– Employment in organization related with cultural industry

– Related company(Ex; Planning company)

– Master & Doctoral Course

– Achieving Chinese license in exhibition industry through the cooperation with CCPIT(China Council For the Promotion of International Trade) and chance to get internship

Professional education

If you want more professional education in the future, you can study in depth through going to the master course of Hallym University of Graduate Studies in Seoul.

– Benefits: Exemption from admission fee and various scholarships

– Internship and employment support for exhibitions, events and conventions in Korea