September 27, 2017 Lecturer Jay Yoon Lecture: ‘Story of Commons’ Mr. Jay Yoon, a lawyer from the Law firm Shin & Kim, came to our department of International Studies and gave an insightful lecture. The College of International Studies is studying information and methodology in accordance with the Information Age.

We tend to ’look bad’ when people share knowledge or information for free. I thought that it was infringing the intellectual property rights of the people who have taken years of hard work to create these resources, for others to then get their knowledge so easily, and free of charge.

However, as information technology develops rapidly, the shared economy also develops. Through the lecture of Professor Jay Yoon, he explained that there is a way to share knowledge with a more open attitude than before, if it is done respectfully and with the correct authorization.

I would like to thank Professor Jay Yoon for giving me an opportunity to work harder to create an environment where I can go out into society as an international undergraduate student with a greater understanding of the changing use of information in an ever-increasing technological age.

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