State supporting business

  • Educational Policy Analysis business : program of enhancing capabilities for employment – special lecture and seminar in detail field (invite specialist for lecture)
  • KOICA supporting business : cyber investigation job training – characterization business faculty be participated in lesson and intercourse between students
  • Advancement for College Education(ACE) :
  1. professor – learning support program – Participate in Teaching method, Participate in Microteaching, Participate in Study clinic
  2. KOCW – open lecture, develop total 12 subjects
  3. Advancement of student selection – operate globalization field separately, select English talented people, special admission for regional arrangement (4 years of scholarship from Kangwon Land. select three people every year)

Educational expenditures supporting business

  • Educational Policy Analysis business : Job center program – maintain 90% of employment rate during the past three years
  • Scholarship for excellent grade : Scholarship for excellent entrance grade – give scholarship over 50% of freshman every year
  • Short period of overseas study business : Short period of overseas study program during the vacation – 8 CIS students visited the University of Nebraska at Kearney in U.S.A for 3 weeks during the winter vacation
  • Learnfare for overseas university lesson : Overseas lesson program for the junior – 88 students participated for three years
  • Business for settlement in university : Program for settlement in university – Support dormitory fee(two semester)
  • Support field education : Program for field education and trip – Visit Kangwon Provincial Police Agency, crime laboratory