Since its foundation in 1982, Hallym University has dedicated itself to developing talented individuals that combine both creative intellect and humanity, by providing excellent education to all students within an outstanding faculty and educational environment.

Hallym (翰林 in Chinese characters) means “forest of talented people”. This is a Korean expression describing a concentrated community of people with special talents in their field. Hallym University is one of the best academic communities in Korea, comprised of people with knowledge and insight. Hallym University now has 8 colleges with 40 majors, 1 graduate school, and 5 special graduate schools.

Hallym University has established official relationships with more than 216 universities in 45 countries and more than 500 international students are pursuing their dreams now at Hallym.

Hallym University provides priority of dormitory selection to international students for their convenient and pleasant living conditions. There are several types of housing available, including double en suite rooms with private bathrooms and shared cooking facilities, to three room ‘dorm’ style rooms with shared toilet and cooking facilities.

Hallym ILsong Memorial Library is a state of the art facility, with more than 600,000 books and 30,000 non-book materials. The library has various facilities, including 24-hour self-study rooms, a coffee shop and an electronic information room.

The university has 43 student clubs with a variety of purposes, such as performing arts, sports, volunteer works, as well as religious clubs. By joining clubs, you can enjoy a unique Korean university culture and make friends for life!

Hallym Sports Center opened in July, 2013 as an athletic facility. It is equipped with a swimming pool, squash courts, table tennis court, Hallym Fitness Center, and the Sports Science Research Institute. It offers various discounts to Hallym University students. Hallym sports field is a purpose built synthetic field which is used for sporting activities, as well as hosting the yearly spring ‘Bibong’ student festival.

The university is equipped with various amenities for students’ convenience such as Global Lounge, Post Office, Female Student Lounges, and Convenience Stores, as well as several restaurants, which serve a mix of Korean and Western style food.

The university is located a short 10 minute walk from the city center, several bus services also stop outside of the university gates.

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