Introducing the School of Global Studies

Hallym University’s School of Global Studies aims to educate students so that they can become internationally talented individuals in their fields of study. Undergraduate students will develop their skills as a ‘global talent’ by taking a major course, together with ‘systematic foreign language education.’By the time students’ reach their fourth year, they graduate with the necessary expertise and skills needed in their field.
All staff and professors work together, to help students to achieve their own personal ambition.

Departments and majors

Global Business

The Global Business undergraduate degree specializes in international trade and business. It combines theoretical and practical skills of international trade and fosters professional talent with excellent foreign language skills.By strengthening education, we aim to cultivate international trade professionals who have expertise and international sense to meet the globalization era.The curriculum consists of the following:
  • General education for comprehensive understanding of internationalization and cultivation of scientific judgment
  • Learning English and second foreign language (Japanese, Chinese or Spanish) to adapt to international business environment
  • Economy
    • To acquire a comprehensive knowledge of international trade and management through learning key areas such as business, finance, and finance.
    • Support and encourage the acquisition of international trade related qualifications.

Legal Informatics and Forensic Science

Legal Informatics & Forensic Science (LIFS) undergraduate degree aims to foster security professionals with expert ICT skills and excellent foreign language ability, as well as an understanding of legal frameworks and laws.In order to cultivate practical skills, this major provides opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in practical training through contracts with the Gangwon Provincial Police Agency, the Police Investigation Training Center, the financial economy, and information security organizations.Students also have the opportunity to study abroad at leading universities around the world, including: UK, Canada, USA, Singapore and Australia.The LIFS curriculum includes the following:
Information security, criminal investigation, scientific investigations and crime psychology, forensic science, criminal investigation, criminal psychology, digital forensics, as well as ‘basic knowledge subjects’ (legal and professional ethics, criminal law, Information and communication laws and policies, etc.)The variable curriculum links with other majors and practices – Strengthening student education capacity, by linking the curriculum of the undergraduate curriculum with the curriculum of the master’s curriculum.

Korean-Chinese Interpretation and Translation

Korean-Chinese Interpretation and Translation/Culture Industry Management undergraduate degree: Trains professional experts such as Korean and Chinese interpreters (including simultaneous interpreters) and translators.
  1. Introduction to Korean Language and Korean Studies
  2. Practical Korean-Chinese Translation/Interpretation Course
  3. Prepare translators and interpreters for each area such as political economy and culture

Through this process, we aim to train practitioners in Korean and Chinese.

Undergraduate Study: An outline of the process

The first year consists of ‘Principals of Economics’ and ‘Understanding Law and policy’ (Global Business and LIFS students). At the end of their first year students choose which major they would like to specialize in. The Study Abroad Program (SAP) is a compulsory requirement for undergraduate graduation. We offer the students the flexibility to choose whether they wish to study aboard on a ‘short course,’ typically three weeks in duration, at one of our ‘short course’ partner universities, or study abroad for one or two semesters. This international experience is invaluable in giving our students a competitive edge when applying for jobs.


  • All subjects are taught in English (Global Business and LIFS majors)
  • In the first year, we offer intensive English education at every level.
  • We offer a double major curriculum that allows student to study Global Business and LIFS at the same time.
  • SAP (Study Abroad Program): In the third year (one or two semester options)
  • SAP Short Courses: Typically offered during the vacations, for first and second year students.