At the DFRWS conference held in Florence, Italy on March 21st, a student from the School of Global Studies, Hallym University “Park Sung-Mi” presented a paper and received a scholarship from Google.

The DFRWS Conference is the largest digital forensic society in the world. Forensic experts, investigators, and companies gather from around the world to share research results and research skills for academic advancement. Proudly, Park Sung-mi, a student of Legal Informatics and Forensic Science major (LIFS) at Hallym University, attended the DFRWS conference as a presenter.
The title of the paper is “A Comparative Study on Data Protection Legislations and Government Standards to Implement Digital Forensic Readiness as Mandatory Requirement.”
(The legal introduction of the forensic readiness through comparative analysis of the information protection law), and considering the introduction of the forensic readiness as a legal requirement by comparing the legal information protection standards of the US, UK, Germany and Korea, with the forensic technology activation policy.

Related papers can be found on Google at the Digital Investigation (Vol. 24 March 2018 pp. 93-100), SCIE journal published by the Society.

Google selected scholarship recipients by awarding student presentations, among which Park Sung-mi was awarded. Congratulations Sung-mi, from everyone at Hallym University!

You can view the presentation given by Ms Park, a LIFS 3rd year student entitled ‘A comparative study on data protection legislation’s and government standards to implement digital forensic readiness as mandatory requirement’ here.

The link to the DFRWS website can be found here

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