Park Sung-mi, a second-year student at Hallym University’s LIFS Major, was selected as the 6th student in the “Next-Generation Security Leader Training Program (BoB: Best of Best)” to cultivate talents in the field of information security.

The BoB curriculum is a program operated by the ‘Korea Institute of Information Technology’ (KITRI) to educate talented white hacker talents in the information security field and has operated since 2012.

In the 6th round, among the 1,116 volunteers, 140 were selected after written and oral interviews. Students were selected by evaluating their creative thinking ability, growth potential, information security expertise and willingness will start a six-month curriculum starting from the opening ceremony on July 4th.

Students will receive apprenticeship and survival training with mentors who are experts in information security. They will participate in security projects, study practical training and practice in areas such as infringement response, vulnerability analysis, digital forensics, security consulting, mobile security, cloud security, financial security and CC certification.

The White Hackers team, which consists of BoB graduates, is the first in Asia to be awarded the ‘DEFCON 23’, the world’s most prestigious hacking defense contest in 2015.

In addition to this, the company also stands out in the information security field establishment due to their information security field vulnerability report, paper presentation, DEFCON, CODEGATE and other information security conferences.

Park said, “I wanted to learn technical knowledge in preparation for cyber-crime after studying law in Germany. I entered the Han Yang University International School again.” Through participation in the BoB program, I would like to contribute to making Korea a safer IT power.

Hallym University’s Department of Legal Informatics & Forensic Science (LIFS) has been established in the School of Global Studies (SGS) since 2015. The course combines law, policy and technology related to cyber-criminal investigation, information and security, all of which are increasingly ‘in demand skills’, throughout the world.

The course is aimed at educating information security specialists, in today’s ever increasing ‘ICT society’. The course is taught by internationally educated professors, such as Professor Joshua James, a convergence security expert. Classes are taught exclusively in English.

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