On this day, the Korean CSI academy supervised CSI academy spring conference guide opened in Hyehwa building of Dongguk University. The conference was established in 2015 by the domestic science investigators’ desire and will, and it began in earnest in 2016. The CSI Academy Conference has continued since with the desire until now. It began with science investigators, but now it has expanded the base including science investigators and hands-on-workers, students or office workers who have interest may become a member, so it is a conference with a goal to make science investigation something with a friendly approach.

As it is a conference dealing with science investigation, the presenters were hands-on-workers including science investigators from police departments, National Forensic Service, professors, and research teams, and the content itself included cases applying real scientific investigation techniques. Because science investigation is something where you have to reconstruct the whole thing by finding a small clue, they introduced a variety of scientific methods. They introduced the classic fingerprint and DNA methods, finding the better way of collecting evidence for different situations, and etc. The thing I learned from the scientific analysis and cases about intelligence crimes from all over the world is including the host, the CSI Academy, and the domestic science investigators who are attendees, that our country’s, compared to others, science investigation standard is not low, and that this is showing the people that we are developing continuously with events like the one from above.

There were a lot of sessions about analysis like the ones from above, there were many sessions about using this to find better solutions, Especially from the presentation of professor Jun-Tae Kim, the professor of Dongguk University graduate school of police jurisdiction law, presented the way of how our country’s forensic science investigation must develop by comparing the advantages and disadvantages of investigation power structures and the standards of investigation in the United States, Germany, Canada, and etc.

Other than that, there were advertisements from not public but private businesses about gear and solutions that can help science investigations. The price standard was not for regular individuals, but showed that much excellent performance, so with the combination of the excellent developed techniques and investigation manpower drawn from above, I think that this can be opportunity of a big progress for science investigation.



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