From July 26th to the 28th, the KITRI Best of the Best Information Security education program held a special Digital Forensics Capture the Flag (CTF) challenge event. Students attempted to “take over the world”, where each country posed a different digital forensic investigation related challenge. Hallym University LIFS professor Joshua James contributed to the development of the challenge.


The first-round challenge lasted from 15:30 on July 26th to 10:00 on July 27th. After the first round, the top 10 teams were selected (below):


hansome_sunngjae 358
Nyan Cat 365
SlSl 340
트★윙★클 335
F3V2 325
bincat 308
whipNgoding_a 292
bosskim 280


The second round start on July 27th at 20:00 and lasted until 04:00. Congratulations to the final winners (tie) SISI and handsome_seongjae! Overall, it was a great experience.



This was a first effort at developing a CTF for digital forensics. We used the facebook CTF platform, and – although there were some bugs – it went pretty well.


Thanks to Horangi Cyber Security and KITRI Best of the Best for organizing such a great event!

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