From July 24th to August 6th, 2016 the Hallym University Legal Informatics and Forensic Science (LIFS) Institute hosted 15 Law Enforcement officers from Indonesia. The program Capacity Building of Cyber Crime Investigation by IT (Indonesia) focuses on improving the cybercrime investigation and management knowledge and skills for Indonesian Police.



This is the second session of such a training hosted by Hallym University. The first session focused on cybercrime and digital forensic laboratory management issues. The current training is more focused on investigator-level technical issues and skills. Participants learn about computer and mobile device analysis and process, malware analysis, cybercrime investigation strategy and operations, botnet creation and investigation and much more during their two weeks in South Korea.


The program is also designed to build a relationship between Indonesian and South Korean government organizations. The participants visited organizations such as the Korean National Police Cyber Bureau, the National Forensic Service as well as Korean-based IT companies.


The program is hosted at Hallym University Legal Informatics and Forensic Science (LIFS) Institute, and funded by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).

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