We went to the National Forensic Service for a field trip. Until then, I vaguely thought that the National Forensic Service was a place where they study ways of scientifically investigating things. However, I found out that the NFS does vast things. They receive requests from police departments or the military to scientifically investigate and find the evidence to prove the crime, they do a lot of research activities for science investigations, and they even did the genetic testing of the Sewol ferry incident victims to find their identity.

In the business territories there is the Biochemistry of Law department, Forensic Engineering department, the Central Medicolegal center plus many other detailed departments. I was kind of sad because I wanted to see a variety of departments but the authority said that since the NFS is a place where secret maintenance is important, they cannot show us much. During the tour, the most impressive to me was the Digital Analysis section in the Forensic Engineering department. It was impressive because it was the most directly relevant to our major Legal Informatics and Forensic Science. A while back, when the Samsung semiconductor factory had a hydrofluoric acid leak, the NFS was able to find the unknown cause by recovering the data from the security camera that melted during the incident. It was impressive to see the results of the hands-on work of the major. It was a valuable time to understand more deeply about my major through this field trip.

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