The LIFS students who take the class Introduction to Forensic Science by professor Park Noh-Seop went on a field trip to the Kangwon Local Police Agency on April 13th. First we saw a video about science investigation in the evidence analysis room. After that we continued the field trip by dividing the students into two groups: the evidence analysis room group, and the KCSI science investigation bus group. In the evidence analysis room, they introduced us to tools and utensils used for evidence analysis and collection in a science investigation.

Then we listened to a more detailed explanation about fingerprint collection. It was interesting to see that the visibility of a fingerprint differs by the sort and color of light. Then the students had a different experience by collecting their own fingerprints. The KCSI bus had special evidence analyzing equipment all worth over six-hundred million won. They first showed us the monitor that analyses CCTV(security camera) evidence footages. They told us that currently in Korea, there are a lot of security cameras but they are too old and they are having a hard time analyzing them because of the bad quality footages. After that, they introduced the microscope for fingerprints. As a student put his/her finger under the microscope, the fingerprint and even the sweat glands appeared clearly on the monitor. Then the student rubbed his/her finger on his/her shirt and put his/her finger under the microscope again, and the white fibrous tissue showed on the screen where the sweat glands were.

By showing us this, they explained the Edmond Rocard law of exchange which means that all matter that has been touched leaves a trace. This means that all scenes leave a piece of evidence behind. After these two tours, we went to the cyber investigation room which was the last one. First, we watched a video about cyber investigation. After that, they explained to us about the evidence collecting and the tools actually used for them. They also explained and gave us examples about the common phishing scams that commonly happen among the students’ ages. It was a meaningful field trip because we were able to see and experience the things that we only learned through lectures.

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